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Residential Maintenance Service

At each visit, we’ll do all of the following: 

  1. Minimum of two services per month and in summer time three to four services per month

  2. Full Lawn Mowing – We  use mowing equipment to mow your lawn to the ideal height. Our            mowing equipment is designed and maintained to produce a clean, even cut to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. All of our equipment are fully maintained weekly by the owner.

  3. Trim around Obstacles and Landscape Features – We use string trimmers and other tools as necessary to carefully trim your lawn, preventing damage on your grass or decorative objects around the grass.

  4. Edge Lawn Borders – Carefully do the edging of your lawn around walks, driveways, and all other borders around.

  5. Blow Debris from Walks and Driveways – Using our blowers, we will completely remove any lawn and other debris from these areas.

  6. Remove  of any death tree branches – Remove of all death branches from any tree that are laying down on the lawn.


How Much Does Lawn Maintenance Cost?

Residential lawn maintenance start at $35 per visit, per service,  and prices goes high according to your lawn size.


For more information on pricing please contact us or call Gabriel the expert on pricing at 954-663-2864 for a free estimate.

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